The Jersey Shore Plastic Surgery Before and After


As a denizen of the Jersey Shore, I have to make a confession. Sacrilegious as it may be to admit, I am a huge fan of Jersey Shore. I feel bad saying that, since I grew up close to where they shot the first season and it really did create a world of chaos for all the locals involved. (By the way, we’re not all spray tanned. I, for one, am ghostly white year-round.)

Fairly recently, I watched the reunion of the classic fist-pumping crew. It was a huge deal for a lot of us folks who low-key enjoyed the show. It was everything that we expected it be, and more!

I got to admit, they still looked good after all these years. The Situation looked like himself. Pauly D still kept his same hairstyle, and of course, Jwoww brought her killer sense of style to the shore. Vinny, once typically considered to be the slender one, now looked smoking hot and beefy. (GTL, much?!)

My favorite star, Snooki, looked better than before. That being said, I noticed something a bit different about her. Was it her boobs? Nope. I’m pretty sure they always looked that way since the show. Her skin tone remained just as heavily tanned as ever. Her hair remained a pouf…

Her lips. It was her lips.

When she was recently filmed during the reunion, it became clear that Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi had fuller lips—and honestly, she looked glamorous. It suited her very well. Her figure was also a bit different, and she later admitted that she had a “mommy makeover” after having her two kids.

The work that she had done was subtle, and honestly, I wouldn’t have been able to figure it out if I wasn’t an avid fan of the Living Sage Plastic Surgery App. They have videos and posts that allow you to see before and after photos of people who have undergone cosmetic procedure. Watching enough of that stuff will allow you to tell the difference—and also figure out whether or not you’d want to do the same.

I don’t know who was Snooki’s plastic surgeon. Maybe it was a celebrity plastic surgeon.  Maybe she had it done while she was in Florida. Wherever she had it done, she had it done well. Kudos, Snooki. You done good!