Who Dat? Who Dat? – Literally.


Recognize this girl? 

First thing’s first, she’s not the realest…



It is one thing when the paparazzi shed light on a remarkably, noticeable new look, but fans who follow her personal Instagram account were in awe as of this past weekend’s big BMA Red Carpet debut.

Turns out the controversially trending “White Chicks” memes that spread across social media platforms seem to have been more of a self-fulfilling prophecy after all. Iggy Azalea’s name is the current subject under fire and apparently under the knife… – just another makeover of the moment.

With both leading industry experts, and people who have no credibility what so ever, all commenting on her latest work done, Iggy has openly expressed confidence regarding her seemingly obvious results. Such a Hollywood thing to do, right? Acknowledge something without really acknowledging anything. Classic fame scandal.

The “Fancy” popstar/rapper is no stranger to speculation, especially when it comes to her over-sensationalized look and resemblance to the Wayan’s family. Perhaps, social media haters were her biggest motivator in heading to the professionals?

She has already admitted to some cosmetic enhancement- opting for a bigger bust with a recent confession she underwent breast augmentation surgery.

Azalea first spoke about her breast implants with Vogue for the April issue.

“I did change something,” she told the mag when asked what about herself she’d change. “Four months ago, I got bigger boobs!” she proudly boasted.

***Her bountiful booty has also been a catalyst for surgical debate throughout the media as shown below.

iggy booty

Although shouldn’t plastic transformation be subtle?

Ms. Azalea has yet to come clean about any other bonus additions in her appearance.

-But that doesn’t stop celebrity driven, entertainment magazines from jumping the gun or reporting the “facts”.

The latest procedures were done very recently, and the source adds, “She loves the results! She wasn’t happy with her nose for a long time, so after the boobs she wanted to get that taken care of and then got the chin done at the same time.” – A source told US Weekly.

Although shouldn’t plastic transformation be subtle?


Did someone have a visit from the rhinoplasty fairy? Iggy may have undergone a nose job and chin implant, which are often done together to balance out the face. Or is this simply the outcome of the ever so popular and now commonly over plumping effect using facial fillers?

Reports are claiming yes on all accounts.

Iggy may have performed her new hit, Pretty Girls, with the iconic Spears at the Billboard Music Awards, but doesn’t this prove she really doesn’t share the same confidence she raps about? Who really nose? (Get it!)


Meg Ryan Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos


Back when Harry met Sally, Meg Ryan was known as “America’s sweetheart.” However, these days, Harry might not recognize her at all! Was it Ryan’s lack of sleep while in Seattle that forced her to go under the knife, getting rid of those dreaded dark circles?

Meg Ryan has never been known to comment on the plastic surgery rumors, but her notably plump lips and remarkably smooth face suggest a nip here and a tuck there. Indeed, lip implants, Botox injections, and a face-lift have all been reported. Without Ryan confirming any of these reports, we’ll never know for sure, but the before and after photos are extremely telling.

Her fresh faced, au natural, girl next door persona is what made Billy Crystal, Tom Hanks, and America fall in love with her over and over again.

The 53 year-old Rom-Com star has been out of the spotlight for quite some time. Is it because she may melt? Her last box office hit was 1998’s You’ve Got Mail. Oddly enough her starring role in the remake of The Women was not only a critic’s flop, but ironically followed the storyline of an aging, woman and the demise of her picture perfect marriage by hot pepper, Eva Mendes. Does life imitate art? Or is it the other way around? Meg’s beautiful canvas originally drew attention because of its simplicity. However, the film proved even with the help of Hollywood’s top surgeons, it is damn-near impossible to beat Ms. Mendes, or Mrs. Gosling…We don’t even know for sure!

Meg Ryan before and after plastic surgery photos
Meg Ryan before and after plastic surgery photos

In recent years, the celeb has made headlines for her on-again, off-again relationship with John Mellencamp. You do what you have to do to stay in the limelight, even when the flashing lights are no longer kind.

No matter how much time passes or how much her face changes, she will always be loved and remembered for her darling, winsome performances in such classics as Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally. I will always want to have what Meg’s having.

Jocelyn Wildenstein Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos


Look in almost any list or article that discusses bad plastic surgery, and you will likely find a photo of a woman who is known as “the Catwoman.” aka  Jocelyn Wildenstein.

Jocelyn is one of the most well-known examples of what happens when plastic surgery goes horribly, horribly wrong. For those of you who want plastic surgery for the wrong reasons, want to go to a cheap doctor, or want to go through an extreme makeover that people are warning against, her story is a warning that you should heed.

For Jocelyn, her insane transformation started when she married the super, rich socialite Alec Wildenstein. She had everything that she wanted in her life as a New York City socialite – money, fame, great clothing, connections, and friends. However, her life with Alec soon became further and further from the perfect dream life that she had so wanted.

From what sources say, Alec was actually rather abusive to Jocelyn and made no qualms about sleeping with other women. This led Jocelyn down a very strange path. During her marriage, Jocelyn often visited Alec’s personal collection of live big cats in his enclosure as a way to reduce stress. Yep, he owned lions and tigers as pets. According to Jocelyn, he loved those animals more than anything else in the world – even her.

As the years went by, Jocelyn became more and more desperate to try to win back Alec’s affection. By the time she hit 50 years of age, she decided that the only way she could get him back is to go under the knife. The first couple of surgeries seemed to have a positive effect on her relationship with Alec, but it didn’t take too long for him to decide that she alone was still not enough for him.

This is where the story takes a turn for the nightmarish.

Jocelyn decided that plastic surgery worked, and that it was time to take drastic measures. In her clearly unstable condition, she decided that it was perfectly logical to ask the plastic surgeon to make her more like the big cats that Alec loved so much. Somehow, she managed to convince the shocked plastic surgeon to do it.

As one would expect, the plastic surgery outcome didn’t exactly go over as well as she’d hoped. Rumor has it that once she had left the plastic surgeon’s office, potential clients who were in the waiting room immediately bolted in fear that they would end up looking like her. Another rumor suggests that Alec screamed when he saw her face after the surgery. Disheartened, she decided to go back under the knife to correct the surgery. (It only made things worse.)

Jennifer Grey Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos


In the late 80’s Jennifer Grey was on her way to becoming the next “Molly Ringwald”. Jennifer was said to be a muse to the directors behind the cult-classic films, Red Dawn, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Dirty Dancing, which catapulted her career into 80’s teen movie stardom with critical acclaim to follow.

Ironically, her successful roles contributed to a downfall in her self-confidence. Even though movie scripts were pouring in and her name continued to be thrown around with award show nomination panels, she always felt second string as she competed with the Hollywood starlets of the time.

Playing the resentful sister of Mathew Broderick’s epic role, she was often critiqued for not fitting into society’s typical standard of beauty. Directors responded by attributing her seemingly universal look as part of her mass appeal. She was beautiful and unique. Jennifer didn’t look like anyone else, yet she had a universal attraction. Her physical characteristics were never overcompensated, specifically her schnoz.

Enter Dirty Dancing.

Francis “Baby” Houseman, perhaps her most notable character, was a low-budget, surprise hit, coming-of-age drama which documents an awkward teenage girl’s rebellion. Johnny Castle, played by Swayze, delivered one of the most famous lines in movie quote history, “Nobody puts Baby in the corner…” Soon after, and unfortunately for her, America and Hollywood, did just that.

Not only did all of the United States cast her aside, her most distinguishing feature disappeared. Just imagine inserting a boxing announcer’s voice, “And in the top right corner, weighing in at 110lbs. of cuteness, Hollywood darling… Wait, who the hell is that?”

After undergoing not one, but two rhinoplasty procedures- the second of which was necessary to correct problems stemming from the first—resulted in a nose that caused even her close friends and family to fail in recognizing her. It wasn’t even a “botched” treatment. She was still beautiful. It is just people genuinely no longer knew who she was.

How did Rhinoplasty affect her career you ask?

Well, if it wasn’t for her revival on DWTS a couple years back, a new generation of girls would simply be referring to her as “the chick that once had the time of her life”! So long story short…negative impact.

Although, the media may be partially to blame for the added pressure and self-esteem issues, there is a lesson to be learned in this Hollywood tale. Plastic surgery does not automatically define your beauty and does not always improve your life for the better. It is a life altering experience that requires superior expertise with a sincere, level head.

Jennifer Grey has even publically addressed her rhinoplasty by saying, “I went into the operating room a celebrity- and came out anonymous. It was like being in the witness protection program or being invisible.” Her career took such a nose dive (pun intended), she even briefly considered changing her name and starting completely from the bottom. Well, Jennifer Grey, you may have started from the bottom, but now you’re on Lifetime! –And we still love you!

Kylie Jenner Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos


For anyone that has been “Keeping up with the Kardashians” over the past eight years, we have seen the Kardashian/Jenner clan transform themselves in more ways than one, particularly when it comes to their physical appearances. Once fascinated with the glamourous older sisters, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, as well as professional model Kendal, the spotlight of admiration is now shining brightly on the youngest of the bunch, Kylie Jenner!

With millions of Instagram followers, Kylie has taken the “#shamelessselfie” game to a whole new level with age-inappropriate selfies, style and sex appeal. Kylie has almost developed a cult-like following of young girls hanging onto her every style change. Kylie is always changing her look and appearing effortlessly “flawless”, leaving us all obsessing and asking ourselves “how does she do it?”

Her newfound accentuated features, oversized pout and well-rounded curves, it has become a mystery as to whether or not she has had cosmetic procedures done to achieve this new look she’s been rocking? Or is this all a result of perfect angles, great contouring, lip liner and filters?

We want answers. Did Kylie Jenner get plastic surgery yes or no?

It is no secret that celebrities go to extreme measures to look the way they do and to portray a “picture perfect” image for the world to see. More and more we are seeing a growing trend of young women like Kylie, going under the knife to drastically alter their appearances and fit this mold of what is considered “sexy” right now. And doesn’t the idea of what is sexy constantly evolve?

Nips, tucks, injections and implants are becoming the norm for maturing females, making it almost impossible for a woman in the “real world” to compete in the game or love herself… flaws and all. Celebrities like Kylie even take it to the extreme of posting their immaculate selfies with the hash tags, #nofilter or #nomakeup, only further trying to prove that their beauty is au’ natural, and in the words of Beyonce claiming, “I woke up like this.”

Barely legal, at just the tender age of 17 and still in high school, one has to wonder, just how much work can and should a girl her age get? With a family so obsessed with appearance and image, it would come as no surprise that Kylie would follow the footsteps of her parents and sisters by going under the knife to obtain a more desired look and literally keep up with the Kardashians. These women have made their money off their faces and bodies. Plastic Surgery is almost a business investment at this point.

We all remember the skinny, gawky and awkward, prepubescent girl growing up before our eyes. When looking back, now some may even call this a tale of the “ugly duckling that turned into a swan.” Many may argue that she grew out of her awkward stage, but when looking at before pictures there are many significant changes that most of us don’t “naturally” grow into or out of. With such noticeable differences in her before and after photos rumors continue to swirl of nose jobs, breast implants, butt and lip injections, eyebrow lifts, and cheek implants.

It all seems to be a little too much for such a pretty young girl, not even old enough to have fully grown into her true features. Kylie seems content staying mum about what she has and hasn’t had done. It is a guessing game…

But our guess would be that Kylie Jenner’s new look is definitely accredited to more than just a great makeup artist but more from a help of great plastic surgeon. What are your thoughts – did Kylie Jenner get plastic surgery at the young age of 17?